Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taking Back The Culture – Part 2

My kids were playing with some other children the other day, when in the midst of playing a game, one of the other kids let out a bad word. The child’s sister looked over at him and said, “Hey, don’t you remember? Mom told us not to talk that way around the Metzger kids!” Before any of you wonder if it was your kids – please believe me, it wasn’t. I’m pretty certain that this family doesn’t read my blog.

I’ll admit that it makes me happy that our kids have this reputation with others. Without making it a source of pride, I feel gratified that my own children get that level of respect.

Bad language among children is nothing new. I have to admit that I participated in it when I was very young – my parents never knew (I think - right, Mom?). But other aspects of our culture have definitely changed since I was a kid. This erosion of the culture has been executed in steps, gradually overtaking the godly principles that used to be evident in families in this country. We now look back at television examples such as the Cleavers on Leave It To Beaver or the Bradys on The Brady Bunch with ridicule – as if no family could be so goody-goody and naïve. You know what? Our family is actually like that in many ways – and I love it.

There is constant pressure from all sides to “adjust” to the new culture – as if our society is constantly maturing and has become superior to anything that came before. Think on this - would the culture of today have been possible fifty years ago? Not a chance. For example, we now see some parents buying games for their children which reward players for killing innocent bystanders, police, and prostitutes, while using a wide range of weapons, including baseball bats. Would that product have sold at the same time as when I Love Lucy was being aired on television? I simply can’t believe that there was a market for it back then. But there certainly is today. That is culture shift.

What’s the difference between 1959 and 2009? It’s not just technology or the availability of video gaming systems. I believe it is the parents. As I pointed out back in Part 1 of this series, many parents have suddenly accepted the belief that their children have the right to make their own decisions about nearly anything. I’ve had parents tell me, “I want my children to learn about life on their own. That’s how they will prepare for being independent.” I cannot subscribe to this philosophy. I firmly believe that my children must be led and directed by godly principles – which come from God and the family, not from the culture.

This may offend some people. No one wants to be told that their parenting technique is not the best one. But consider this – there is no parent-designed technique that is right or perfect, because there is a bigger concept in play here. And it gets back, once again, to the culture.

No matter how hard we try, we cannot create a proper man-made culture. Though our society tries over and over to remake our way of life, we must realize this – our culture will always be broken if we have a hand in it. The only culture that survives is a God-made culture. Thankfully, that is exactly what we are awaiting – a day when all things will be made new.

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