Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year’s Resolution Experiment

I typically make New Year’s resolutions. I even keep some of them. This year, I decided to try something different, and invent a new way to go about it. Maybe you’d like to give it a try. Feel free to share yours in a comment if you like.

The rules are pretty simple:

1) Every resolution must begin with one of these two words – “More” or “Less”.

2) Try to keep them brief and not terribly quantifiable – for example, “Less calories eaten - 1000 per day less and substituting fresh fruit calories for empty calories at a rate of two for one is acceptable, as long as….” is NOT what I’m after. You don’t have to be too descriptive – as long as YOU know what YOU meant. As a result, your resolutions may appear to be cryptic to other people – but not to you.

3) Because time is a fixed quantity, for each “More” resolution there needs to be a “Less” resolution. Strive to have the same number of each when you are done (this is not as easy as it sounds). Yes, we all need to do more of certain things- but we only have so many hours in the day, and so we probably need to do less of other things, as well.

Having said that, here’s my list for 2010:

1) More devotional time before leaving the house for work
2) More guitar-playing
3) More non-fiction and biographies
4) More one-on-one time with the kids
5) More dates with my wife

6) Less Facebook and computer time
7) Less buying
8) Less clutter and “stuff” in general
9) Less time with secular influences (books and music)
10) Less time wondering what others are thinking

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