Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Resolutions For 2009

In an effort to gain some accountability, and because I won’t be able to misplace them, I’ve decided to post my New Year’s resolutions this year. I am striving for something a little different this time – I want these resolutions to be more meaningful than the typical desire to get more exercise. Here goes:

1) Read the Bible and pray every day (this remains the same as previous years)

2) Faithfully ask God to reveal my mission going forward – what should I do with the rest of my life? Do I remain at my current job? Take off with Banyan Concepts? Move to Haiti and be a missionary?

3) Develop a community of loyal, like-minded Christian friends who are anticipating the return of Christ. This circle of friends should share in a vision and seek God’s leading together. These people will be the type that will get on The Mayflower together and sail for new lands without looking back.

4) Ask God to give me a more tender and broken heart for the suffering, the lonely, and the lost of this world

5) Write at least two books and get at least one on track to be self-published

6) Go on a mission trip

7) Spend more direct time each week with my kids – playing games, going on walks, having coffee – without outside distractions

8) Honor and serve my wife in some way every day – continually focus on being the best husband possible – together refine our mutual vision for our family and our marriage

9) Get my kids involved with a group of children and teens who share our family ideals – kids who are well-behaved, respectful, God-fearing, and who treat each other with civility

May God bless all of you this year! Thanks for reading!